Hansen Marine, patron of the French Rowing Federation

Patron of the French Rowing Federation

Looking back on the signing of our partnership.

It is with great pride that we present our sponsorship partnership with the French Rowing Federation, signed in early November by Mr. VANDENBERGHE, President of the FFA, and Mr. FERRAND, Manager of Hansen Marine.

This partnership is primarily the result of collaboration between a former Olympic athlete and a former rower, both driven by a passion for sport. They share the same desire to support a federation that implements exceptional human and material resources to accompany its athletes towards excellence and the highest Olympic and Paralympic medals.

Signature du mécénat avec la Fédération Française d'Aviron

We are honored to be part of this adventure, as a patron and equipment supplier, and to contribute to the development of rowing in France. 

Supporting the French Rowing Federation: a commitment to all the behind-the-scenes professions

Supporting the French Rowing Federation is more than just supporting athletes. It is also supporting an entire ecosystem of essential professionals crucial to collective success.

Indeed, alongside the athletes, there is a dedicated team of coaches, physical trainers, nutritionists, doctors, physiotherapists, and many others. Each of these actors, behind the scenes, contributes to the building of collective excellence.

By supporting the Federation, we lend our support to all these professions that play a crucial role in athletes’ journey towards excellence.

At Hansen Marine, we are proud to stand alongside the Federation to support this ecosystem and contribute to the success of French rowing athletes. As a patron and equipment provider, we also participate in the realization of numerous sports basins across France.